Reading (and other lists that no one asked for)


2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Jesse has read 1 book toward his goal of 32 books.

Authors I Love As An Adult: (read at your own risk, don't blame me if you don't like them)
Terry Pratchett
John Scalzi
Kurt Vonnegut
Tony Hillerman
Ann Leckie
Ursula Le Guin
Douglas Adams
Sherman Alexie
Neil Gaiman
David Sedaris

Authors I Loved As A Young Person:
Beverly Cleary
Judy Blume
Lloyd Alexander
Brian Jacques
Madeleine L'Engle
Robert Newton Peck
"Franklin W. Dixon"/The Hardy Boys

Books I recommend for people of all ages:

Comedians I Loved As A Young Person:
Bill Cosby
Katt Williams
Dave Chapelle
Mitch Hedberg
Chris Rock

Comedians I Currently Love:
Andi Smith
Hannibal Burress
Shane Torres
Michelle Buteau
Marcella Arguello
Moshe Kasher
Ali Wong
Hadiyah Robinson
Dylan Moran
Dan Telfer 
Nate Bargatze
Drew Michael

Podcasts That Stand Out From The Glut of Podcasts:
Note to Self
Black Ass Podcast
Potential Problems
Put Your Hands Together
2 Dope Queens

The Best Bands Ever:
Motion City Soundtrack
The Matches
The Police
Whole Wheat Bread

Artists I Currently Listen To:
State Champs
Settle Your Scores

Perfect Albums: (Albums you can listen to all the way through, not one bad song)
Commit This To Memory - Motion City Soundtrack
My Dinosaur Life - Motion City Soundtrack
Kingwood - Millencolin
Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather - My American Heart
So Much For The Afterglow - Everclear
Sing The Sorrow - AFI

The Best Movies:
Napoleon Dynamite

The Best Episodes of the Best TV Shows:
"Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" - The X-Files
"Party" - Black Books
"Date" - Miranda
"The New Cup" - Flight of the Conchords
"Drug Testing" - The Office

Boutique Pedal Companies that are super cool:
Idiot Box
EarthQuaker Devices
Champion Leccy
Alexander Pedals

Pedals I'm Saving My Pennies To Buy Someday:
Wampler Pinnacle
Earthquaker Bit Commander
Keeley 30ms Double Tracker
Keeley El Rey Dorado

Things That Are WAY Overrated:
Social media of all stripes
Dune - Frank Herbert (Cool world building, bro, but the plot is not compelling to me)
The Beatles

Artists whose work I really admire and would totally want to meet because they seem cool and down to earth and would not ruin everything:
Miranda Hart
Jared and Jerusha Hess

Dan Wells
Ryan Hamilton

Artists whose work I really admire but would never want to meet because they seem like they would be mean and/or conceited and ruin everything:
Paul Simon
Ricky Gervais

People I Will Dedicate A Book to If I Ever Get To Publish A Book
My wife
My kids
Miranda González
My parents
Dr. Terry Hokenstad 
Dr. Kathleen Farkas
Dr. Zoë Breen Wood
Dr. Jack Harrell
Mark Bennion