Thursday, August 4, 2016

That’s Not Music!-“All in My Head (Flex)”

Installment #5 of my new semi-weekly (very semi) series "That’s Not Music!": Jaded Dad Reviews Pop Songs

This week's song: "All in My Head (Flex)" by Fifth Harmony feat. Fetty Wap!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mikkel Eriksen, 
  2. Tor Hermansen
  3. Benjamin Levin
  4. Willie Maxwell
  5. Daystar Peterson
  6. Nolan Lambroza
  7. Julia Michaels
  8. Simon Wilcox
  9. Brian Garcia
  10. Ewart Brow
  11. Clifton Dillon 
  12. Richard Foulks 
  13. Herbert Harris 
  14. Leroy Romans 
  15. Lowell Dunbar 
  16. Brian Thompson 
  17. Handel Tucker

Chart Position (as of this writing): #11

Unforgivable Lyric: "It's all in my head" (see below)

My kids’ opinion: My kids are indifferent at this point. I think they haven't heard it enough to form an opinion.

My opinion: Like most pop music, it is mindless, meaningless, hastily written lyrics paired with a sweet beat, and I'll be darned if I don't enjoy it a great deal. I don't change the station.

UP. BEATS. This song had me at the first reggae-style guitar upbeats.

Soooooo... girl bands are a thing again? Since there are five of them, that makes them like the Spice Girls, right? Which means they're British? I'll assume they're British.

I'm fascinated that a five person singing group can manage to give each member a part to sing in a three minute song and manage to squeeze in Fetty Wap. It's kind of genius. I also like how the lyrics seem to eschew any type of double entendre and just have... entendre. There is also not a lot of internal song logic either. If "It's all in my head," does that mean all this climbing into beds is just a dream, like some hyper-sexualized Inception? Or it just rhymed? I'm not sure. 

In regards to Fetty Wap: He's probably the best mumbler of our time. Maybe it's just too much autotune/effects on his vocals, but I can't understand a word he says. Even so, I think he's awesome and catchycatchycatchy.

Other Notes:
  • The actual music video (not the live one posted here) is out of control. It's like the lyrics: not subtle at all.
  • I could have the number of writers wrong, but does it really take 17 people to write a song this simple and silly? Some of the writers, I believe, are from the "interpolation" of another song. Either way, 17 is a lot of writers. Good job, team. Go spend up you 1/17th of the royalties, you've earned it.