Thursday, April 21, 2016

That’s Not Music!-“I Took A Pill In Ibiza” by Mike Posner

Installment #4 of my new weekly series "That’s Not Music!": Jaded Dad Reviews Pop Songs

This week's song: “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” by Mike Posner

Writer(s): Mike Posner

Chart Position (as I write this): #8 and climbing

Amount of Times I’ve Heard This Song (Estimated): Not very many, as far as top 40 pop songs go

Instrumentation/Structure: There are two versions, the SeeB remix, and then the original acoustic version with its "Subteranean Homesick Blues" video. Both are equally cool in my opinion, almost like different sides of the same coin. The SeeB version has an instrumental hook that sticks in my head.

Unforgivable Lyric: "I took a pill in Ibiza" and "You don't wanna ride the bus like me"

As a father I obviously can't endorse the taking of random pills to impress your friends. And, no offense, but I don't think Mike Posner actually rides the bus. People aspire to become pop stars so they don't have to ride the bus. And in the first few lines he already said he drives a sports car, so which is it, Mike? Where is the internal song logic?

All that being said, I really like the song. I particularly like the SeeB remix because the music is happy and upbeat but the lyrics are kind of sad and melancholy. I love that kind of contrast, it's something that The Police -and later, Sting- used to do really well. And, as always, many points awarded to Mr. Posner for writing his own song. I never liked Mike Posner's other songs in the past, but this one was a pleasant surprise.

My kids’ opinion: My 4-year-old loves it. He sings the melody line for a few hours after we hear it. 1 year old couldn't care less, but that's pretty typical.

My opinion: Maybe I will dislike it after a thousand repeats on the radio, but for now I enjoy it. I don't change the station.

Other Notes: That video is weird, right? Paper mache heads = NIGHTMARES.

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