Monday, March 28, 2016

The Golden Age of Television and me

Hear me well, Internet*: I’m opting out of the “Golden Age of Television.” There are so many television shows, and the quality is great and so forth and so on, but TV is filling up my life, and I don’t know how it got this way. Why do I watch all the shows? Because there are so many good shows? Or I’m just afraid to miss out?

I never used to watch this much TV! When our first son was born, it coincided with the rise of streaming content. We had an 8 p.m. baby curfew and an infinite amount of stuff to watch. And it’s so easy to just… watch.

What bothers me most is this: When I look at my Netflix/Hulu/Amazon viewing history, I feel like I could’ve written the Great American Novel in that time. Several Great American Novels. All the things I could’ve done instead.

I’ll keep the shows I like, but I won’t take on any new shows, thank you, although I appreciate your recommendation. If one of my shows starts to suck I’ll give it an episode or two to right the ship and then I’m done. Eventually I want to get down to, like, one show. If that’s even possible.

Really I want to pare down my media intake in general. I’m not the most savvy consumer, but internet “news” is basically the same ten sites covering the same ten stories ad nauseum. Then there are the lists. And podcasts. And tweets.  I consume tons of “information” each day but only a small percentage of it is actual information.

A lot of people have talked about this subject already, and I’m not saying that anyone else need change their media habits. I am saying that for me personally, I just kind of want to rinse my brain out and remember what it was I used to do before streaming was a thing and I had phone in my hand at all times. Probably nothing special, but I want to remember anyway.

*No one actually cares about my TV manifesto, I just wanted to say “Hear me well.” Felt good.