Friday, March 18, 2016

“That’s Not Music!”: Jaded Dad Reviews Pop Songs

Me = old
My wife and I can agree on many things, but what music to listen to in the car is not one of them. For example, at one point she said to me, “I understand that Life In General was a watershed album for pop punk and that pop punk music is very important to white people who grew up in the suburbs, but I just can’t listen to it anymore.”

Plus, we always have the kids in the car with us, so we end up listening listen to a lot of Top 40 pop radio in the car. Any swears are edited, no screaming, no abrasive guitars. No fun.

I'm only 34, which I don't consider to be really old, but when I talk about new music I find myself sounding really old.

But this is my life now. I'm gonna start writing (hopefully weekly) about some of the abominations (and pleasant surprises) that have graced my ears and I will call it: “That’s Not Music!”: Jaded Dad Reviews Pop Songs.

Here is the first one.