Sunday, September 22, 2013

Through the cross country move and what we found there

The view as we rolled into Ohio, including bugs.

We made it. Moving is the worst, amiright? And let me say that Oklahoma sucks, at least from my experience driving across it. They could scrape Oklahoma out and fill it in with kitty litter and I wouldn't even care.

There were some casualties on our journey. Malcolm Reynolds, my betta fish of three years, passed away during the trip. I didn't want him to be in the sun on the dash so I put him on the floor of the cab of the moving truck, which apparently gets pretty hot. It would've been different if he had just died, but it was kind of like I killed him and that kind of broke my heart.

The Midwest is different than the West, so we're adjusting, and when I say adjusting I mean holding on for dear life. Overall, we're happy to be here in Ohio. It is so green and pretty. Cleveland itself is a little crowded but we can drive for 15 minutes and literally find ourselves in the middle of the forest. I love it. However, I feel like I'm cheating on my home state, New Mexico, whom I love dearly. Maybe New Mexico and I can have an open relationship.

We miss our friends and family. We also miss New Mexico something awful: the landscape, culture, people. We tried watching Breaking Bad because it was filmed in Albuquerque, but it was a smidge violent for us. We switched to In Plain Sight, also filmed in Albuquerque. It's total rubbish and the acting is atrocious, but we watch it anyway because we like catching small glimpses of New Mexico. 

We like our apartment very much, only did I mention that it might be haunted? We contacted our current landlord during our initial apartment hunting phase and she said she didn't have any openings. A few weeks later she called us back and said an apartment had “unexpectedly” become available so we jumped on it. Now that we're here, we find out that the previous occupant was an elderly woman, so did our apartment “unexpectedly” came open because she died? I thought about asking the landlord or some of our neighbors about it, but we'd rather not know.

The one downside is our upstairs neighbor is getting a PhD in, like, trumpet studies or trumpetology or something. He has a sixth sense that tells him when I'm lying down for a nap and compels him to start practicing at top volume for hours on end. He practices songs that are about musical virtuosity, like he's trying to break the "Notes Per Second" record, which is not the best soundtrack for a relaxing Sunday afternoon nap. He's a great neighbor otherwise, so we can't complain.

So... that's what we've been doing.