Sunday, July 8, 2012

Your party = POOPED OR I'm too young to be this cranky

Recently my younger sister came to me and asked for some advice on picking a major. She said she was considering sociology or social work and something happened to me. Something ugly.

“Listen, I know you've finished one year of college and taken Social Problems. It has made you aware that the world is a crappy place but given you the idea that it can be saved and you are the one to save it. However, I'm here to tell you that it can't and you aren't. More importantly, there's no money in saving the world. So do something where you make money. Major in engineering or nursing or business, but whatever you do, do not follow your heart and/or dreams. That way poverty lies.”

And that's the last time my sister ever asked me for advice. As she looked at me I could see her her mental label for me change from “wise older brother” to “tool.” What has happened to me?

I've turned into Captain Crankypants or Cynical Sam over here, and it's getting worse. It's like I'm in one of those movies where I need to drink the antidote, break the spell or find true love's first kiss before the change becomes permanent. Only I don't know how to change back to Optimistic, Conquer-The-World Jesse. I know I'm turning into a jerk but I don't know how to stop it.

Some of the things getting me down are: I don't make much money at my job. I've tried to explore other options but I've run into some setbacks. I have a lot of stuff I need to do, but when I try to do it, I think about the amount of things I need to accomplish and my brain does the mental equivalent of curling up into the fetal position and sucking its thumb. Thus, I find myself watching Eureka and pretending there isn't a giant To-Do list laying in wait for me.

I know things will work out eventually. Another thing I know is that I need to be more grateful for what I do have.

One thing I'm grateful for is having a healthy baby. He's so healthy, in fact, that he is into everything. His baby arms look deceptively short, but nothing is safe because he has a supernatural reach. Everything in our house has been moved to top shelf. It's kind of like when you're camping in the woods and you have to hang your sandwiches from a branch so the bears can't get to them.

Anyone know how to combat premature cranky-old-man-ness? Leave a comment, if you please.


  1. Haha unfortunately I don't know how to combat old-man crankyness, because I'm quite in the middle of old-lady crankyness, and have been for at least 5 years (I'm 27). It all started with being on public transport and seeing high school children laughing and talking and thinking "they are so noisy, don't they know it's rude to disrupt other people's quiet travelling!!!". I haven't looked back since.

  2. When people talk to me about picking a major, doing well in school, etc I feel like telling them "The world's biggest secret is NOBODY CARES". Jobs don't look at transcripts. So escape while you can.

  3. ps, except not really. I know school is important. It was just shocking when applying and interviewing for jobs that school/grades/major didn't even really come up in the process.

  4. You are not alone. I too have a low opinion of Education, especially Higher Education; it does not prepare us to make a living the way it does, for instance, in Japan. Most of it is a total waste of time and money. As for the rest of your bad mood, you are not alone there either. These are tough and very unpleasant times. Try to concentrate on the good aspects of your life and take the TD list one very small step at a time, like maybe one tiny part of one project every day until you begin to feel in control again.

  5. After read comments,I dunno how to say.I have to say people need direction when they are fear to step forward,so do your sister.They just need a suggestion,it doesn't mean they will agree all.For you,just follow the TD list,maybe need an clear aim.

  6. Old Abe Lincon I think said People are as happy as they make their minds up to be. I've also heard and believe happiness in life is found along the way not at the end of the road. So poor folks often are just as happy as rich ones. Although I'd like to try rich for a while.

    Anyway make lemonaide with what life throws your way. If you're wishing your life away for something better or else then thats what you get. Get off you duff and take a walk or play with that baby & Wify. Don't wait for something to change make the change your self. If you don't like the view from where your sitting get up and change the view. Go wild and run in the rain or something. Make paper air plans and fly them in the mall. You don't have to spend etc just don't wait for the moment to come to you go to it.

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone!
    @Lozzz123 – I hadn’t thought of being “cranky and proud.” That is quite a good idea.
    @ christineleigh and @anonymous – Agreed. School is just jumping through hoops.
    @ OtherAnonymous – I’ll try to brighten my outlook.

    I’m slowly whittling away at my to-do list! Life isn’t so bad, it just seems that way to me sometimes.

  8. Jacob, I totally empathize with this post and feel my own crankiness now that I've been working long enough that I'm beginning to forget school. I like my extra curricular activities like getting out doors and doing Zumba. Those help. I don't have a baby though.


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