Sunday, March 11, 2012

IT Madness

Like a lot of people, most of my work is done on a computer, and my computer is down most of the time.

I work for the State of New Mexico and they replace their computers every 20 years or when Halley's Comet appears. The computers go down with such astonishing regularity I have planned my week around the outages. In my work I also have to file and shred a huge amount of documents. I never set time aside to file or shred, I just wait until the computers go down and then I do it. It's a good system, and I am never behind on filing or shredding.

When all the computers go down, the IT department will, without fail, send out an e-mail saying that the computers are down, but no one can receive it because the computers are down. Everyone in the IT department makes way more money than me, by the way.

However, we don't need to get an e-mail to tell us the computers are down. You know the computers are down when everyone is out of their offices and interacting with one another all of a sudden.

Also, the IT department is always “pushing” out new software updates which rarely work at first and bring the system to a grinding halt. And just when I have everything back in working order from the last push and all the bugs are worked out, they push out another software update and everything crashes all over again.

Honestly I think people probably got more done back before computers.

Anyone else have computer problems? Leave a comment, it's fun