Sunday, February 26, 2012

We're all sick

The snot has really been flowing at my house because we all caught a particularly nasty cold with a large side of hacking cough. We made it this far into winter without catching anything, but now as the weather is getting warmer, we all got sick.

When the epidemic hit I brought it home from work and gave it to Junior. Not deliberately, mind you, we just live in pretty close quarters, so when one of us brings something home, we all get it. I felt pretty bad, though, because he is eight months old and sounded like he smoked three packs a day.

Next, Junior gave it to my wife and then quickly got over it. This left the two of us lying like dead people in a growing pile of our own dirty Kleenex while he happily crawled around getting into things he wasn't supposed to, knowing full well that we couldn't do anything about it. It's scary when a baby is running things.

Now my wife is over it, which leaves me coughing all by myself. I'd go to the doctor but I don't want to talk about the color of my mucus, which is what doctors always want to talk about whenever I have a cold.

I'm also worried about the money. I have insurance, but what does insurance pay for really? I pay a copay when I go in and then get a bill for the rest a few weeks later.

However, I might reconsider going to the doctor after all. One of my co-workers has the same cough and when he went to the doctor he got hooked up with Codeine cough syrup. Sign me up.

I'll pour a little cough syrup over ice, put in a tiny umbrella and sip my way back to perfect health.

Has anyone else been sick? Or have advice on how to care for a well baby while you are sick? Leave a comment, if you please.