Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saving money and looking foolish

I just got my hair cut at the local beauty college for $2 and I definitely got what I paid for. Now my hair looks like this:

It all started with me getting a sweet job transfer. Starting this week I get to do my same job, but at a different office that is 50 miles closer to my house. That means no more commute! So I am pretty happy and I wanted to look all clean and make a good first impression when I start at my new office.

Since our baby has been born money has been tight so I went to the local beauty college for “$2 Tuesday.” That was a mistake. “$2 Tuesdays” are fine for fried chicken and getting into the zoo, but when it comes to haircuts I now know it's best not to skimp.

When I first walked in the first thing I saw was about 10 severed heads mounted on tripods. I was startled and thought I had accidentally stumbled into the camp of a tribe of headhunting barbers. Each severed head had immaculate hair and and upon closer inspection I realized they were mannequin heads. The students used them to practice hairstyling when real people weren't around, I was told later. Nevertheless, it was still very unsettling and made the place feel like some kind of Haunted Supercuts.

Maybe the woman who cut my hair just misunderstood what I said. Perhaps the haircut I wanted was lost in translation because describing what you want in a haircut is hard. I've thought about bringing in a picture but that makes me feel like a metro diva.

I thought about getting out the clippers and trying to even it up myself. I think I'd end up having to buzz most of it off to get it even, and my wife said it would be better for me to look like a dork on my first day than a skinhead.

Ultimately, getting your hair cut at a beauty college is kind of like gambling. Sometimes you win and you get your hair cut by the school valedictorian, and sometimes you lose and get the class clown.

Anyone else had problems getting a decent haircut?