Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our baby is the lightweight champion of the world

Things are going well for us these days except the doctor says Junior is too small and is not gaining weight fast enough. We're doing the best we can but the doctor chastised us like we are stopping our child from gaining weight on purpose, like we have him on some kind of baby Hollywood Summer Beach Body diet cleanse or got him baby lipo.

The doctor told us to basically feed him as much as he wants whenever he wants, and I'd love to be in his place. My doctor, on the other hand, is telling me I need to lose weight. When I mention to people that my baby is small and having trouble gaining weight, they look me up and down and their eyes fill with skepticisim. I keep telling Junior that this is pretty much the only time in his life that people will be telling him to gain as much weight as possible and he should take advantage of it.

Now we're constantly worried if he's getting enough to eat and we constantly want to weigh him to see if he's gaining weight. We don't have a scale so we thought about weighing him on a produce scale at the neighborhood grocery store. It would be hard to do, but my wife could create a distraction so the other customers wouldn't notice me putting a naked infant into the produce scale and start to protest. "I can't weigh my kumquats in there now!"

After much consideration we decided against it because it didn't seem like the most sanitary idea for our baby and for the people who might use the scale afterward.

The tricky thing is that the doctor is telling us to give him formula to supplement the breastmilk, but the lactation consultant is telling us that our baby would be better served by a quart of 10W-30 motor oil because formula is the devil in lactic form, a wolf in milk's clothing. What is a parent to do? Who do we believe?

Ultimately I decided to feed him a lot of Double Stuf Oreos and let him watch too much Netflix because I have found quite a bit of success gaining weight by this method.

Any thoughts on formula, for or against? Leave a comment if you please.


  1. My baby was a lightweight too. We did supplement him with formula and he didn't grow any extra arms or anything. He still nursed really well, but we were able to give him a bottle with formula too. It worked out really well because it freed us up to be able to leave him with grandma and go to a movie without worrying about pumping or him not wanting a bottle from anyone but mom.

    Long term, he's still a lightweight, but developmentally he's right where he needs to be and is doing great. So I am under the opinion that nursing is great for the baby, but if he needs to have formula too, then thats great. Formula in no way hurt my baby and he was happier because he was more full after he ate.

  2. I love that the drawing of your baby looks like a frightened Gilbert Godfried.

  3. Oh, to be young again! (When I was in high school, the doctor told me to come home from school and eat a large bowl of ice cream so I could get into my normal weight range. Um, best doctor EVER.)

  4. I think that the important thing is that your baby is getting enough, rather it is breast milk or formula. It is definitely a stressful thing to go through as a new parent. Good luck!

  5. As a mum to be I am going to be faced with these sorts of dilemmas I am sure (except I think my baby will be a big greedy chubby child - mother's instinct).
    I have no opinion either way. I would breastfeed if it works for me properly (it's a natural thing that is right there as a nutritional resource) but I would have no qualms with formula as well.
    Just know this: I am adopted so have been on formula all my life. I am still quite smart (believe it or not haha) and have been really healthy as long as I can remember.
    Just do what is right for you three and don't listen to any extremists (either way). :)

  6. Remember a doctor's job is to take in data (view, measure, listen, scan, etc), compare it to a chart or list of diagnosis and prescribe a remedy. That's what they do.

    Doctors give their recommendation but I suggest taking it just as such, a recommendation. They spend 45 seconds with your child, you spend all day and all night and know your child much better than they ever could. So do whatever you feel is best for your child.

    We used formula with our son despite avid breastfeeding fans of family and friends. He wasn't getting enough and we could tell he wasn't satisfied, happy or healthy. As soon as we switched to formula we knew it was for the best and haven't regretted the decision a second since. He's been happy and healthy ever since. Baby #2 totally different story. She breastfeeds like a pro and is happy as a clam. A visit a month ago to our pediatrician and he said she wasn't growing and to supplement with formula. We told him to shove it (ok not really, but we didn't follow his advice because we felt she was fine). So a month later she grows 5 inches and is off the chart. Fact is these doctors know less about baby development than they like to let on.

    So do what you guys feel is right and don't stress too much about weight or height or how fast they learn how to crawl or walk. It all works itself out.

  7. I agree with Bryan. You know your baby better than anyone else. Do what you are comfortable with. This could just be a phase before your son decides to go through a growth spurt. Although, oreos and netflix might be a good solution...

  8. i agree with bryan too. you know your baby the best. if he seems happy to be breastfed and seems content and not fussing due to hunger, then feeding is just fine and he will put on the weight a little later.

    but just in case, my 2.5 year old was a fully formula baby. i hated breastfeeding him and we really just didn't jive. he's healthy, happy and is one smart little cookie (and i don't say that just because i'm his mom... i hear a lot of moms tell me how fast he is in regards to his development eg. speech, vocabulary, understanding, etc...)

    baby #2 on the other hand (3 month old), is 80% breastfed and he also takes a bottle when i feel that he is fussing because he's still hungry. it works great that he's taking the bottle as i'm able to get out from time to time and take a break while the hubby stays home to feed him. it's also great for weaning him off me when he's a little older. saves me from having one of those horrible stories of moms having a hard time weaning their child because they hate the bottle!

    anyways, it's all up to you guys. junior, i'm sure, will put the weight on no matter what. :)

  9. I was the same way. When I was a baby the pediatrician told my mom "feed her ice cream" and now 20 years later I have to work my ass off just to stay out of the overweight zone. Do people actually use those produce scales anymore? As far as I'm concerned weighing babies would be a great way to put them in use again.


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