Monday, December 27, 2010

Being pregnant stinks OR If your wife is pregnant, good luck trying to eat anything

Pregnancy has turned my wife into a super-powered mutant. Her sense of smell is so heightened that she can smell tater tots up to 10 miles away.

I say tater tots because, in addition to super mutant olfactory senses, my wife also now cannot stand the smell of all kinds of things that don't bother normal people, like tater tots. Tater tots seem innocuous enough, but to a pregnant woman you might as well be putting ketchup on a skunk dipped in sewage.

Speaking of which, do you know what makes my mouth water? The smell of spicy chicken curry. Do you know what makes a pregnant woman retch and reach for the closest thing she can puke into? The smell of spicy chicken curry.

When I get home from the gym I must hop directly into the shower before my wife starts gagging. Once my wife got pregnant she promptly decided that her body wash smelled almost as putrid as chicken curry, so she started stealing mine. This confused me quite a bit, because I was like, “Hey, that’s new! You smell like... me? Wait a minute!”

I didn't want her perfectly good body wash to go to waste and she was using mine up, so I tried using her old stuff. Not very well thought out, I know. The minute I was out of the shower and dressed she said, “Get away! Get away!” like she was Dracula and I was the biggest clove of garlic in all of Transylvania. I had to go shower all over again.

My wife also cannot stand the smell of bathrooms, even clean ones. At first it was just public restrooms, but now she can't stand the smell of our bathroom at home, which is relatively clean. We tried cleaning everything in it with Lysol but the smell of Lysol makes her gag even more, so it looks like she just might have to hold it until the baby is born, poor woman.

The upside is that I now have an extra stream of income because I contract my wife out to law enforcement agencies to help them track fugitives. We’re undercutting all the bloodhounds in town on prices and making a fortune.

Pregnant or no, are there certain smells that make you gag? Leave a comment if you please.


  1. Hmmm I was only sick because of smells with Cassidy. With the boys I had that super human smelling abilities too but it didn't make me sick. :)

  2. Thanks a lot. Pregnancy freaks me out... now it freaks me out even more!

  3. Sorry, Stephanie. Like Lauryn HIll said, "What people want is fantasy, but what they need is reality" and I'm just telling it like it is. But seriously, don't let some blog dicourage you from making some copies of yourself.

  4. After you left a comment on my blog, I thought I'd leave one on yours...

    When I was pregnant, the smell of EVERYTHING made me sick, my own deodorant (I went through three different scents before finding one that I could use), my brother in law (who was living with us at the time), my manager (I even had to complain to HR so they would make his shower more often, it was horrible, I was horrible, but I didn't like throwing up at work, and his BO made me do just that...).

    Pregnancy is a crazy thing.

  5. Yeah we've been through a lot of body wash scents, but it seems like it's getting better.


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