Sunday, October 10, 2010

Candy candy candy

As I've mentioned, I'm pretty excited about Halloween, specifically the candy part of Halloween. I bought some the instant I saw it on shelves, which gave me an idea for an ingenious experiment.

I didn't think of the experiment right away, though. It was September 15 and I had a HUGE stash of Halloween candy. I knew I had better do something or I'd eat it all myself, so I bought a candy dish and put it on my desk at work with the hope that my coworkers would eat it all for me.

Once my supervisor spotted the dish he started coming into my office more frequently. Much more frequently. He would come and chat personally about things he used to e-mail me about, all while helping himself to giant fistfuls of candy. While my co-workers were getting photocopied memos delivered to their mailboxes, I was getting personal visits from the boss, and he was getting all of my Mr. Goodbars. I tracked how often he came in and came up with this highly scientific graph:

As a side note, more and more employees are getting candy dishes now that we are in October. Since then, I've busted my boss sneaking into their offices while they weren't there to raid their candy dishes, no joke! As the boss he has a key to all the offices and he is breaking into offices to steal candy. I know he must do that to my dish also because my candy practically evaporates and I can't refill it fast enough. I think he has a candy problem and I should stop enabling him.

Anyway, I put apples in my candy dish just to see what would happen. So far I have not seen hide nor hair of my boss.

Is anyone else a candy addict or a candy enabler? Leave a comment, if you please.