Monday, July 19, 2010

I believe in a thing called duct tape

I had my heart broken this week. I thought it was Friday but it was really Wednesday, which was heartbreaking.

I was at work and people were yelling at me and making all kinds of demands, but I was calm and serene because in my head I was like, “Yell and demand all you want, suckers, tomorrow is Saturday.”

Only it wasn't. After that, it felt like Saturday was never going to come. And just like that, my heart was broken.

I wasn't able to fix my broken heart, but there was some other broken stuff I was able to fix. Let me first say that I believe in the power of duct tape. When my wife's car window broke, I used duct tape to fix it, and later my music recording device went bad but I duct taped it back health.
Duct tape is an American institution, like apple pie, overly large cars and credit card debt. I once used duct tape and JB weld to fix a friend's carburetor on his '72 Ford Maverick, no joke. I estimate that between my father and I we have used approximately enough duct tape to stretch from the earth to the Planet Formerly Known As Pluto and back, so I wanted to research duct tape a little.

As it turns out, “duct” tape is a misnomer and duct tape is actually really not meant for use on ductwork, go figure. Duct tape scholars assert that “duct tape” derives from “duck tape,” which was the products' supposed name shortly after it was invented around World War II because it repelled water. Say it ain't so, duct tape.

There is a “Duck” tape club, and every year, “Duck” brand duct tape holds a contest in which high-school students create prom dresses out of duct tape, which sounds like way more fun than I had at my prom. The winner receives a $3,000 scholarship for college. I would have loved to go to college on a Duck tape prom dress scholarship.

Duct tape can be used to cure warts, although – like all medical discoveries – that fact is disputed. Duct tape has been used in the NASA space program and on the space station, so I feel totally legit using it to fix my Geo Prizm.

Springfield, Missouri, is the unofficial Duct Tape Capital of the World, because it claims to have sold more duct tape per capita than any other place in the world. I get a hunch there's not a whole lot going on in Springfield, Missouri.

Things I've used duct tape to fix: bike, chair, shoe, headphones, flip-flops, car stereo, toaster oven, refrigerator, relationship, clock radio. If you combine duct tape with JB weld and WD40 you have, like, the Triumvirate of DIY Fixing Power.

And, um... can you tell that I couldn't think of anything to blog about? Does it show that bad?

The moral of the story is that duct tape can fix everything, except this blog.


  1. Funny that you consider Duct Tape an American thing - I always think of it as a Canadian thing, and I have these guys to thank for this:

    The Red Green Show featured a bearded man in plaid who fixed everything with duct tape. They even made a movie of the show called Duct Tape Forever.

    Have you ever seen a wallet made of duct tape? They're usually carried by guys in trench coats.

  2. I tend to agree that duct tape prom does sound more exciting than our prom. So what did you decide about the 10 year reunion?

  3. Coming from the Springfield, MO area, I am not surprised that it is the capital of Duct Tape... Not only do all the "Ozark people" use it for things that you can't imagine but people create clothes, wallets, purses, etc from it.... I had a duct tape handbag & wallet in high school.

  4. "The Planet Formerly Known As Pluto" - now that's clever!

  5. @ Allison Yes! Red Green is totally the O.G. of Duct Tape. I used to watch that show every chance I got with my dad.

    @ Cristine No way on the reunion. And actually it already happened and some people posted pictures on their Facebooks. The only people I would've wanted to see are people I already keep in touch with.

    Thanks for the comments everyone!


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