Monday, November 3, 2008

Colbie Caillat infuriates, inspires

Colbie Caillat is terrible songwriter. Seriously, how many more slow, ├╝ber sappy love songs does the world need? If you ask me, the guy she's singing about will finally love her if she would just shut the heck up.

But I guess the reason Colbie is successful is because something about her music speaks to females age 11 to twenty-something, especially if they are learning to play acoustic guitar. I don’t know what it is.

Ms. Caillat did stimulate my imagination while I was listening to her song “Little Things” (against my will, mind you, they just play her music absolutely everywhere). As I listened, it hit me: I don’t really know what she is talking about but I need to be more positive and more grateful for the “little things” in my life that make my days a little brighter.

So with Thanksgiving fast approaching, here are some things I am thankful for:

First, I am thankful for Fringe and Eleventh Hour and my friends Shane and Kristen and Lori for recommending them. Neither show will ever replace The X-Files in my heart, but together they almost fill the void that it left.

Second, I am thankful for Enter Shikari, this UK trance-core band that has cool dance music that combines hideous walrus yowling with catchy melodies. It’s an interesting contrast but it works for me. Plus, they dance like nobody’s business. I can’t stop listening to them.

Third, I am thankful for the new King’s of Leon song “Sex on Fire.” I can't understand most of the lyrics, I don’t know what it means exactly and it sounds kind of sketchy, but it’s just so catchy. I listened to it about one hundred times in a row and I think I could listen to it one hundred times more. I also think it would be funny to dedicate that song to somebody, like, “'Sex on Fire,' that's our song, baby.” Plus, the singer looks like Charlie Pace/Merry the hobbit and the drummer rocks the sweet mustache.

Fourth, I am grateful for the people in my classes who feel sorry for me because I am the only boy and help me out when I am struggling.

Fifth, I am thankful for this video on how to avoid kissing. I almost died laughing when I saw Bre smash Daniel with a flowerpot. It made my whole day. (Daniel didn't really get hurt, it's a dangerous but well-executed stunt. I checked before I laughed too hard.)

Sixth, I’m thankful for my mom, who loves me enough to yell at me. I was having the Pity-Palooza of all pity parties and I called my mom and told her I wanted to drop out of school, to which she simply responded, “Quit being a whiner and a quitter!” It was intense, but it set me straight.

So things aren’t so bad. I’ve got people entertaining me and looking out for me.

Now if they could only get Colbie Caillat to stop singing…